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Interested in anything which might bring the cello to listeners of modern music, cellist Devon Colella is a classically-trained, yet forward-thinking musician. Originally from the Boston area, Devon studied with cellist Andrew Mark of the Boston Conservatory, Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the Boston Pops, as well as Joseph Higgins of New England Conservatory, and Paula Zeitlin of Wellesley College. As he grew older, Devon sought to apply his training on the cello to new contexts in modern music. He studied with Eugene Friesen at Berklee College of Music, where he learned to improvise on the cello, as well as how apply the cello to a variety of modern musical contexts and genres. Today, Devon can be seen performing as a member of the Aeterna Trio, a classical-crossover improvisational piano trio, as a regular member of singer-songwriter Shanna Underwood’s group Wanderlust, and as a member of the cello/drums funk/rock duo QUAD. Devon offers lessons on cello, bass, music theory, performance technique, ensembles, music production, and beginning piano.

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